Aware of the importance of civic engagement and individual responsibility in the development of our nation and our community, we, the members of the Ark of the Nation, affirm our full support of this Charter. ADN favors the establishment of an egalitarian society in which every individual has the fundamental right to be responsible for his own life and is free to aspire to a better life.

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Madagascar is a prosperous, independent and sovereign nation, within which its citizens are free and emancipated, and do have the influence on their daily lives and on the development of their communities and country, through individual or collective actions.

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All citizens are born equal regardless of their ethnicity or their religious beliefs. Our differences are our wealth. Our diversity is our strength. Unity is ou weapon.


Each and every citizen is free to conduct his life according to his will. Our actions thrive to emancipate each and every individual. We say NO to any form of exploitation of the citizen.


We struggle for a fairer society, and we do fight against all forms of injustice.


We unite our efforts, we share our initiatives and we participate in exchanges with our fellow citizens. In combining our personal initiatives, and in joining our individual actions, we seek to implement progress within our communities ; we are building the Ark of the Nation.


We engage in entrepreneurship, and work with the aim to produce. We only rely on our efforts to enhance our daily lives. Work do help us emancipate and does provide us with autonomy.

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We take matters in our own hands through trainings for ourselves and by providing education for our children.

We are a model for our community, within our commune and the region we live in. It is each individual’s success that will help us forge the strong nation we wish Madagascar becomes.

We do develop our own selves the political orientations that correpond to the type of development that is best suited for the communities we live in. We do not longer wish to keep on expecting from a Wefare State or a Centralised State.

We protect, manage and exploit in an equitable manner the resources of our communes and regions. No one but ourselves know better about the richness of our soils, as we are the ground level communities.

We seek to implement within each of our communities a political party that does belong to each one of us and that will not be a safe heaven for selfish minority. We are forging the bases of new political practises aim to benefit the people and the Nation. We develop ourselves the rules and strategies that will govern our actions and those of the men and women we have chosen to represent us.