Dear compatriots, Dear Malagasy, come and hiring within the ADN party.

Citizens, Let’s take matters in our own hands through trainings for ourselves and by providing education for our children.

We are a model for our community, within our commune and the region we live in. It is each individual’s success that will help us forge the strong nation we wish Madagascar becomes.

Citizens, Let’s develop our own selves the political orientations that correpond to the type of development that is best suited for the communities we live in. We do not longer wish to keep on expecting from a Wefare State or a Centralised State.

Citizens, Let’s protect, manage and exploit in an equitable manner the resources of our communes and regions. No one but ourselves know better about the richness of our soils, as we are the ground level communities.

Citizens, Let’s seek to implement within each of our communities a political party that does belong to each one of us and that will not be a safe heaven for selfish minority. We are forging the bases of new political practises aim to benefit the people and the Nation. We develop ourselves the rules and strategies that will govern our actions and those of the men and women we have chosen to represent us.

Citoyens, notre pays a besoin de vous, soyons courageux face à toutes les adversités, c’est ainsi que nous pourrons gagner notre indépendance dans tous les domaines.

For a better future for you and your children, join us.


[accordion] [acc_item title="WINLINGNESS - INITIATIVES"] I do have the conviction and the will to endorse an active role in the development of my Community, of my Commune, of my Region and of my Country. I do wish to take charge of my future, and that of my Community. And I do take actions to adress development issues within the society I live in. [/acc_item] [acc_item title="SOCIAL CONTRACT - DEMOCRACY"] I do implement inovative political practices, and I do involve my fellow citizens in everything that I undertake. I participate in thoughts sharing and debates that stimulate the society I live in, and I do take part in the designing of development policies destined to my Community. [/acc_item] [acc_item title="DEFENSE OF THE COMMON GOOD"] I do stand up for the protection of the wealth of my region and I do contribute to the rational management of the resources of my Community. [/acc_item] [acc_item title="EDUCATION – SHARING"] I do believe in the power of education and the force of training. I thrive to constantly become a better person and I educate my children I strengthen my capabilities, develop my skills and share my knowledge. [/acc_item] [acc_item title="COMMITMENT"] I forge a Nation. I enlist as a ADN Parti member. [/acc_item] [/accordion]